Do the things you love, with people you like…safely.

GoWithMe merges location services with an in-app video interface to redefine the way people meet online. 

Post a video about the event you plan to attend, choose the guidelines for the date/event, expectations for your plus-one. You receive video responses from potential verified users, choose who interests you, and GoWith! 

GoWithMe solves the problems other apps miss. 

Personal Safety 

The safest way to meet people online 

Other apps make meeting people online unreliable and even dangerous. You worry that you are being catfished and may fear meeting in real life will be unsafe. 

We’re here to fix that. Seeing users are required to use the in-app video recorder to host and reply to events the risk of catfishing is greatly reduced. 

We also use proprietary facial recognition to run a soft background check to ensure users aren’t misrepresenting themselves across other online profiles. 

GoWithMe adds an in app security measure, which can be toggled on and off, to alert an emergency contact if you have not replied to our prompt after the event. 

Filtered Searches

Endless swiping? Not here.

GoWithMe allows users searching events to filter the results based on location, age range, friendship/romance/both, gender, payment status, event category, and date range. Watch the video of the host and decide if you’d like to request an invite! 

On GoWithMe, you know exactly who’s going to reach for the bill before you even sit down. Event hosts choose between the following payment options:

  • Paid- Host Pays
  • Stag- Pay Separate
  • Sponsored- Guest Pays


No more worrying about insulting someone’s independence by offering to pick up the tab. Or seen as insensitive by splitting the check…everyone knows upfront. No questions asked. 

No Pressure. 

No Stigmas.

Uses for everyone no matter what you’re looking for.

Users make their intentions clear from the beginning. Whether you are looking for your next romantic date or just a way to meet new friend, couple, or group.

GoWithMe shows you other users looking for the same thing. Other apps seem to cater to those just seeking a hookup OR those seeking a hand in marriage. We’re here for everyone in between. 


User Journey


Download GoWithMe

Coming soon to the App and Google Play Store. User information is kept anonymous from each other until invitations are mutually accepted.


Create an Event

Upload a video of yourself telling us about your event. Choose between friendship and romance, decide group size, gender, event details and who’s paying.


See Responses

Users in your area who are interested in attending your event will reply via video. 


Choose Attendees

As the event’s host, you get to choose who is attending your event. Once you decide, we will notify the user of your decision.


Have Fun!

After a request is mutually accepted, the contact info of your choice is revealed to the other party so you can chat prior to the event if you would like.

Just Browsing?

While it is encouraged, users on our platform are not required to create their own event. You are welcome to just look around and apply to events as guests!

Our Story

GoWithMe is an event based social application, which I developed after noticing the impact social media was having on my teen-aged children’s lives. On a mission to recreate the culmination of technology and human interaction, I decided to develop something that would enrich their experiences. To be progressive, yet still maintain core values.

Amanda Denatala, CEO of GoWithMe
Amanda Denatala

Founder & CEO

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